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Northstar Boosts Defense Capabilities with Acquisition
Monday, March 19, 2012 | PRNewswire

Northstar Electronics, Inc., specializing in sonar subcontracting for the defense and security sector, is announcing a letter of intent to purchase Echotec Sonar Corporation, a cutting-edge innovator of High Definition Omni Sonar© (HDOS) technology, specifically targeted for the defense, scientific, commercial shipping and commercial fisheries markets. Northstar has offered 10,000,000 shares of restricted common stock, to be released equally over a three-year period, and 6,000,000 three-year common shares warrants at an exercise price of $0.10. The deal is agreed to in principal by both parties and is expected to close by mid-April, 2012.

Born out of more than 75 years combined experience in the defense and security sonar industry; Echotec Sonar Corporation, a privately held company, was created to satisfy the need for innovative, high-performance, low-cost sonar products that fit multiple applications and markets.

Coming together to develop Echotec's cutting edge technology, are two highly respected sonar engineers, Phillip Johnson and Dan Ward. Phillip Johnson was with Lockheed Martin for nearly 20 years and helped manage, design, and develop many of the systems used within defense systems, high frequency sonar systems, underwater acoustics, analog electronics, and he built many system level mechanical designs. Phillip has worked within the military complex for over 40 years and retains a NATO and Canadian security clearance. Dan Ward was a senior underwater systems engineer at Lockheed Martin Canada where he developed the world's most advanced underwater intruder detection, mine hunting, and obstacle avoidance sonars. He is recognized in the defense and research communities for state of-the art advancements in multiple high frequency sonar systems.

Echotec Sonar designs, develops, and will manufacture and sell value--priced High-Definition Omni Sonar© systems capable of rendering objects in both 2-D and 3-D with extreme resolution. Based on sonar concepts derived from object identification and threat detection, harbor security and obstacle avoidance research, Echotec Sonar plans to develop a family of products around the HDOS which will add a level of technological innovation that surpasses contemporary sonar systems. With one of the best price--performance measures, the HDOS© is designed to meet the specific demands of the defense and scientific communities, utilizes state of the art technology, is affordable, and light weight with a small footprint. These compelling features meet the needs of many required applications.

"After fielding more than 25 sonar designs for the defense and scientific markets, it was clear all of these solutions could now be implemented using off the shelf processors and video cards in conjunction with a fully digital transducer," said Phillip Johnson CEO of Echotec Sonar Corporation(TM). "With the pace of development of high-definition rendering cards/ processors found in most desktops and mobile technologies, Dan Ward [CTO of Echotec Sonar Corporation] and I knew we could build a series of high-performance, high-value sonars to meet the needs of a variety of markets".

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